Use Double Glass Pane Windows

There are many benefits to double glass paned windows. Most notably, homeowners enjoy increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable home with lower heating and cooling bills. Additionally, dual glass pane windows offer noise reduction and eliminate the hassle of dealing with storm windows when the seasons change. The advantages of double pane windows are explained in greater detail below.

What’s a Double Glass Pane Window?

Double pane, or dual glass pane windows are windows with two panes of glass glazed to the movable part of the window, the sash, and then placed in the window’s frame. This insulated glazing of the double pane window is designed to help the overall insulation of the window and in turn, your home.

Many double pane windows have only the air between the two panes of glass. The more energy efficient windows have an argon gas fill between the panes for additional insulating properties. Argon is a clear, odorless, slow-moving gas. When pumped inside the glass unit, it greatly improves thermal efficiency. The argon minimizes the convection currents within the space, and the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside is greatly reduced.

Double Glass Pane vs Single Glass Pane Windows

The main difference between double pane and single pane windows is the overall structure. Single pane windows have one single layer of glass vs a double pane window with two layers of glass. A single pane window does initially cost less than a double pane window, but as it offers much less in the way of energy efficiency, you would end up spending much more on your heating and cooling bills. Some estimates are that dual pane windows could save you 20%-30% on your annual energy bills.

Energy Efficiency

Windows often account for the most significant amount of energy loss in one’s home. If you have single pane, old, drafty or poorly installed windows in your home, much of the cost of heating and cooling your home is virtually going out the window.

Dual pane windows increase the overall energy efficiency of your home with the extra pane of glass acting as an additional barrier to the outside elements. If the aforementioned argon gas fill is placed between the panes, it provides even greater energy efficiency and insulating properties. As you will experience lower energy bills with double pane windows, keep those savings in mind when you consider the cost of double paned windows. The windows in essence could pay for themselves over time!  In cases of extreme weather you may want to consider our thermal windows, which provide an added layer of comfort to your home and protection from the outside environment.


Noise Reduction

It only makes sense that if you have an extra pane of glass in your house windows, you will reduce the level of outside noise heard within your home. Many urban areas and even some neighborhoods have a variety of contributing factors to noise pollution. These range from street traffic to airplane traffic above and even loud and pesky early morning birds. By choosing windows with two panes of glass, you will ensure that the outside noise pollution doesn’t infiltrate your home as much as with a single pane window. A quieter house is a happier house!

Double Pane Windows Eliminate the Need for Storm Windows

What makes a double paned window hassle free? Many homes with single pane windows often come with storm windows. It can be quite a hassle taking down the storm windows each spring and putting them back in place each winter. With a double pane window, you eliminate that task altogether. There is no need for a storm window to provide extra protection of the elements and extreme winter and summer air temperatures. Double pane windows provide all the protection you need, and with the time saved each spring and fall from dealing with storm windows, you can tackle other items on your home improvement to-do list –or better yet, simply enjoy some rest and relaxation.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Beauty for Energy Efficiency with Dual Pane Windows

Not only has replacement window technology come a long way, but the design and style options available with new windows has grown as well. Dual pane windows are available in many popular styles such as double hung windows, casement windows and sliding windows. In fact, many patio doors offer double pane technology to ensure maximum energy efficiency from such a large opening. Whether you are looking to upgrade the windows in your kitchen, in your child’s bedroom or the entire home, double pane windows will ensure that any and all rooms in your home are not only more beautiful, but more comfortable as well!

Custom Double pane steel windows may be the right fit for your home if you are looking for lower noise pollution, increased energy savings and the elimination of storm windows. All of these benefits result in a more comfortable home and lifestyle.

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