We have worked with Cantera Doors for many years. They have been trend setters since the company open their doors more than eighteen years ago. Cantera's innovation and creativity led them to be the first to offer custom hand-forged and wrought iron doors in the Austin metropolitan area. Due to the beauty and uniqueness of their product, "Cantera Doors" quickly became synonymous with high quality and luxury living. Suddenly, every builder and architect wanted a Cantera Door for their homes, even during the Parade of Homes, most houses would be designed with a Cantera Door in mind. No matter who was the builder or architect, if it included a Cantera Door, the house was considered of extremely high quality. A Cantera door became the measure by which all houses were judged. Now-days you can find many companies throughout the country offering similar doors, but none match the quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness, and beauty of a Cantera door original. Our company offers residential home design, we included Cantera doors in many of our designs; some of those were custom designed uniquely for us. It has been our distinct pleasure to do business with Cantera Doors all these years, their supreme product and service are one of a kind.

Alberto Jauregui Designs, Inc.,