5 Trends in Front Entry Doors

5 Trends in Front Entry Doors

One of the first impressions friends, family members and other guests have when entering your home is the front entry door they walk through. An attractive, well-maintained entry door creates a welcoming feeling that starts any visit off on the right foot. But the right door also serves other valuable purposes, including security against intruders and creating a barrier against the weather.

We’ve come a long way since the days when a front entry door was made up of simple planks mounted on wrought iron hinges. Today’s entry doors offer an amazing variety of options and performance that would amaze the carpenters who built the colonial-era Massachusetts entry doors. Here are five things you can look for when you decide it is time to replace your worn, tired front door.

  1. Materials – The material most widely used to build front entry doors is steel for its ruggedness and security. Steel doors can be smooth or textured to provide a natural look, and can be finished with stain or paint. Steel doors are very durable, are usually fire resistant, and can provide excellent security. An insulated core is important, especially when you learn that the U.S. Department of Energy estimates a typical American home loses 30 percent of its energy through inefficient windows and doors!
  2. Glass – Solid front entry doors present a nice look, but block light from entering your home, which can create a darkened entry space. Advanced glass options can solve that problem in a variety of ways. Whether it is an arc of curved glass panes across the top of the door, frosted glass lites spanning the top half of the door, or a full glass door with built-in louvered blinds, your home can enjoy plenty of illumination while retaining weather resistance. Side lites flanking one or both sides of the door can add an elegant look.
  3. Hardware – Today’s choice in front entry door hardware is astonishing. Matching hardware for the lockset, door knob or handle and hinges can range from polished brass, nickel or silver, with matt or shiny finish. The hardware may be the most difficult choice you make when installing a new door!
  4. Colors – a steel front entry door comes either pre-painted or ready to accept the color of your choice. Your new door can be painted or stained to match or complement the décor of your home’s paint scheme.  Some remodeling projects feature wrought iron doors also.
  5. Security – Home security is a concern in any neighborhood, and the rugged lock and deadbolt combinations found on most front entry doors provide extra peace of mind for watchful homeowners.

Clearly, contemporary doors perform multiple functions that extend beyond ordinary entrance and egress. Investing in a new door will provide a range of benefits that include improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and a more welcoming appearance for your home.

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