Designing Your Custom Wrought Iron Door

Designing Your Custom Wrought Iron Door

For some, the thought of designing a custom door for their entry is really hard; they simply don’t know where to start. At Cantera Doors, we make the process really simple. We like the team approach! Are you thinking about a custom iron door for your home? Let us help you.


All We Need is Your Idea

Have you seen an iron door that you like? Send us a picture; like the one here sent in by a recent client. In this instance our client had an idea for a door that she had seen before; she snapped a photo of the door and sent it to us. She also sent us the basic dimensions of her framed opening and, oh, by the way, “…could you make it with an arch on top”? After a couple of brief conversations, we had all the information we needed to proceed with a design concept.


From Information to Inspiration

From our client’s ideas, we did a little fancy sketch work using SketchUP, a free tool from the internet. This allowed us to create a visual that our client could review, revise and gain inspiration from. After only a couple of back-n-forth emails, we agreed upon the essential design elements and ended up with a concept ready for the next stage of development.


From Inspiration to Creation

When an idea has been refined to the extent that we have roughed out all the essential dimensions and pertinent specifications, we send the information to our Design Department. Here, highly skilled Designers work up the idea in a drafting tool called Auto-CAD. CAD is an acronym for Computer Aided Design. The beauty of this process is that it allows us to construct the unit virtually. The process enables us to judge the proportions and symmetry and produce a fully measured drawing for approval. You see, you never have to worry that you’re ordering a door sight-unseen. We allow you to visualize your idea before we even begin the production phase of your project.


Information, Inspiration, Creation, Happy Client

From idea to final product. There’s nothing more satisfying than presenting a finished door to a satisfied client. How can we assist you? Have an idea? Send us a photo or a sketch of what you’re thinking of. We’ll assist you every step of the way.

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