Why School Architects are Switching to Steel Doors

Steel doors in and out.  Take a look at a nearby school and you’ll most likely see steel doors on the exterior. But you’d have to venture inside to spot the latest trend: more and more schools are opting for steel doors there too and not only in commercial buildings. Fundamentally, why? Because steel is […]

Tinted vs Opaque Glass: Which is Right for Me?

There are many ways that you can use glass throughout your home to add more light and add unique design elements. However, some of the places where glass can be used throughout the home are places where homeowners don’t necessarily want the glass to be fully transparent. In those instances, homeowners can opt to use […]

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Replacement Windows

The good thing about buying replacement windows is that the benefits you will get from your new windows will get rid of any doubts you felt about replacing them. There are so many great options to consider and choose from when looking to purchase replacement windows. You can customize the perfect window to fit the exact style and design that […]

The Latest Front Door Ideas That Add Curb Appeal, Value to Your Home

One of the first things about a house that a guest or home buyer notices is the front door. If you want to make a statement, upgrading or revamping your front door is a smart move that isn’t all that expensive. According to Realtor.com, it’s the second best return-on-your-investment renovation. Ready to get inspired? Here’s a […]

The Benefits of Double Pane Windows

There are many benefits to double paned windows. Most notably, homeowners enjoy increased energy efficiency and a more comfortable home with lower heating and cooling bills. Additionally, dual pane windows offer noise reduction and eliminate the hassle of dealing with storm windows when the seasons change. The advantages of double pane windows are explained in […]

Specifying Specialty Steel Doors

Whether protecting building occupants from tornados, forced entry, or elementary school band practice, specialty doors are utilized in the most demanding environments. They are available in a variety of materials, but steel has long been the benchmark for performance and longevity, particularly in settings where sound reduction, or resistance to fire, blasts, or windstorms are […]

Right Hand vs. Left Hand Doors: When and Why to Use Them

You probably don’t think about your doors much, but they suddenly become the central point of frustration when they fail to function correctly or operate smoothly. Doors shouldn’t require much thought, but when they act up or become an irritating part of your home, you’ll be glad that you know a thing or two about how to […]

Remodeling 101 Pros and cons steel

Janet Hall May 11, 2017 Steel frame windows and doors: The aesthetic harkens back to the greenhouses, factories, and warehouses of the 19th century. And their elegant, narrow sight lines offer unobstructed views, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. What’s not to like? They’re expensive, for starters. Read on for everything you need to know about […]

How to Wash Windows Like a Pro: It’s Easy

Washing home windows is one task most homeowners like the least and put off the most. However, having clean windows gives your home’s appearance an instant boost. By following these easy tips, you’ll learn how to wash windows like a pro with professional results. What You Need to Wash Your Windows The first step in achieving […]

Front Entry Door Remodelling is Easy with Cantera Doors

Thinking about front entry door remodelling? Why not consider a Cantera Wrought Iron Door or Steel Front Door? Replacing your front door with a Cantera Door is easy. Because all Cantera Doors are hand-made and made to order, we can design a door to match any existing opening. Whether your front entry door remodelling is simple […]