Before & After

Thinking about replacing your front door?  See some of our work below.

Replacing your front door with a Cantera Door is easy.  Because all Cantera Doors are made to order, we can design a door to match any existing opening.

Whether your entry way remodel is simple or complex, there are only a few things to keep in mind.

Simple Front Door Remodeling

Simple installation? No problem. Cantera Doors are actually made to fit a standard sized opening. So replacing your front door with a Cantera Door may be as simple as removing the interior and exterior trim, removing the screws holding in your existing door and replacing it with a Cantera Door. The work usually requires only a few hours from beginning to end and usually costs only a few hundred dollars.

Complex Front Door Remodeling

A more complex installation? You may have a door and sidelite combination and instead of keeping the same style door, maybe you want to replace your single door and sidelite with a double door. Many entryways can be easily modified to receive a wider door. This generally means that the frame for the door needs to be modified. In these instances, it’s simply a matter of removing the existing door and sidelites and removing the frame between the doors and sidelites. The larger opening is re-framed to the recommended width to receive the new Cantera Door. And then, similarly to the process explained above, it’s just a matter of replacing the interior and exterior trim, a little paint and a little caulk and the job is done usually in a day.