As an international interior designer I have worked with many companies around the world over the last 29 years. My experience with Cantera Doors Houston has been a very pleasant and a professional one, Jerry Hernandez was on top of the job all way though and did delivery the exactly the door I has vision. The Installation went smooth and was on time. I am for sure using them anytime soon for my clients, I give them all my recommendations.

Stine Hollesen,

We've worked with Cantera Doors in several projects, their commitment to quality work and excellent products has made us choose them as one of our favorite providers. They are true professionals and are always available when needed. If you're looking for a custom unique iron door, we definitively recommend Cantera Doors. We love their products as much as our clients do.

We used Edgar as our project sales manager. And Juan head installer and his helper Alfredo. Class act all the way. Full turnkey installation. These guys were jack of all trade...Juan dos carpentry, masonry, welding, painting, and they were awesome at housekeeping. Hands down best contractor experience

We requested Cantera Doors Inc. to build a courtyard gate to be placed in front of our front door for security and decorative purposes.

The whole process was quite enjoyable for us - the sales representative was courteous and respectful and was always accessible when we had questions/concerns.

Once the gate was completed and their crew was installing it, my wife sent me a picture of it and I was astounded at how magnificent it looked. The gate is simply a masterpiece that would have made the likes of Rodin and Michelangelo green with envy had they been alive to witness its grandeur.

The fact that Cantera Doors Inc. is a custom designer is a rare capability that we leveraged to the fullest extent by tweaking the gate's base design to our exact specifications.

The end result was an immaculate appointment that elevates the beauty of our home to an almost regal level.

If you desire to possess the best and most attractive doors and gates for your home, Cantera Doors Inc. is the only company (in my opinion) that is qualified to deliver on that promise.