Steel Doors & Windows

Steel Windows & Doors


Make a Dramatic Statement with the Finesse of Wrought Iron

When you open your front door, you are opening the heart of your home to visitors, family, and loved ones. At Cantera Doors, we can assist you in creating a gorgeous entryway that protects your home, is affordable, and an elegant option for all of your interior and exterior doorway requirements.

We have been supplying artistically designed wrought iron doors, steel doors and windows, glass front doors, contemporary front doors, commercial or custom front doors, sliding windows, bifold windows and more, to residents and business owners alike in Texas, Florida, California, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York and throughout the United States since 1995. When you want to replace your old doors with a new iron entry door, we can help you find the front door that compliments your home. Renovate your home with new iron railings, contemporary front doors, open your backyard with amazing sliding glass doors and windows custom made provided by our own state of the art production facility. We also supply commercial iron doors for businesses that require new storefront doors.

Unique Quality

25 Years´ Experience with inspiring artists creating one of a kind trademarked designs utilizing hand forged iron pieces of art.  Steel front doors that stand out from the rest.

Precision Manufacturing

Using the latest in computer design and precision machine tools our engineers deliver custom made steel & iron doors and windows with market leading accuracy and function. 

Highest Standards

Carefully selected premium materials such as glass, steel, iron, thermal insulation, hardware go into each of our doors to deliver proper insulation, durability and safety. Built to last products in our own 95,000 square foot facility just a few hours from our central location.