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Narrow SightlinesThe Lux Line by Cantera Doors offers beautifully crafted steel doors and windows with narrow sight lines. The line is based upon European designs. The unique characteristics of true (or simulated) divided panes of glass radiates an elegant, clean and classic appearance. This type of architectural detail works well in both old world and contemporary applications.

Our narrow sightline windows and doors are ideal for any residential or commercial application. The Lux Line features narrow profiles, superior strength and durability, quality craftsmanship, and unparalleled security. We offer both True Divided Light and Simulated Divided Light options to perfectly compliment any architectural element.

True Divided Light

Our doors and windows with “true divided lights” are built by positioning individual fixed panels of glass between two steel panels. True divided-light windows and doors are labor intensive to create, making the design increasingly rare to find. But, the end result is worth it; the look is elegantly classic. This design has steel panels on both the outside and inside of the glass. At Cantera Doors, we offer fixed windows and french door options for true divided-lights applications.

Simulated Divided Light

Our doors and windows with “simulated divided lights” are made with one piece of fixed glass with steel panels (or muntins) attached for aesthetic appeal. The look is similar to true divided-lights applications, however there is no physical horizontal division between the panes of glass. This design has become the standard today because it is less labor intensive (and thus less expensive), and it offers that similar, classic appearance.


Narrow Sight Line Door ExteriorNarrow Sight Line Door Interior

Florida Hurricane Impact Rated Doors

In our commitment to provide products that stand up to the toughest building standards we now offer a variety of door configurations that have been engineered, tested and certified to meet the new Florida Building codes.

Coastal Package

Our Coastal Package utilizes a special finishing process, upgraded stainless steel hardware, and a patent pending glass sealing system for extra protection from the elements.

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